Death Star EPP Pillow

Death Star EPP Pillow - Gift for a friend

Hello! This time I waited until today, Tuesday, to have these pictures to show because I couldn't have them before :)

Pattern is not mine. It's quirky granola girl and here is the link: Death Star

When I first saw this project I decided to give it a try. I was very excited! I love some handsewing!

It was a bit hard for me, a lot of small pieces and curves so I admit I put together a couple of pieces to be more comfortable. But I really enjoyed the process!

I had quite fun machine quilting the Death Star. I wanted some texture so I used a cotton batting I really love. I tried to give different texture to it.

The gift has been gifted and my friend loved it! Yay! Always happy to sew a gift to a friend who appreciates it!


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