I was in Iceland for two weeks!

Photo taken at Westman Islands

I've been in Iceland for the past two weeks. Sorry for not writing as I should have done, I wanted to make a quick post thru my tablet but the trip was very demanding physically and I just couldn't focus on it :)

This was a dream trip for my husband and for me. We love adventures and we love to hike and to explore new places. Iceland was all of this and so much more!

A Glacier Lagoon

We saw amazing things, we ate great food, we saw whales, puffins, thousands of birds... it was breathtaking!


This is just a quick back. In the next posts I'll tell you more about my trip and the quilting involved <3


  1. Absolutely beautiful1 That is a place I'd like to see.

    1. It's a wonderful place! I even visited two quilt shops :D


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