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Halloween is gone, Christmas is coming!

Long time no see. I'm terrible at keeping this little blog updated. Anyway, Halloween is gone and I had fun celebrating it in my Splendid Sampler blocks!

This year I finally had the chance to buy some pretty cute Halloween fabrics so I had some cute material! The ghost and the eyes of the spiders are GLOW IN THE DARK!

Right now I'm working on Christmas gifts and Christmas stuff. Every year my family donates some money to Unicef plus my MIL makes the most adorable Christmas decorations to donate to their booth to raise money. This year I am making zipper pouches for them to sell, I really hope it helps them raise money for the children. My goal is to make at least 10 zipper pouches!

Have a lovely Monday of joy and sewing!

Can't believe I won!

I'm currently following the Splendid Sampler sew along by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.

Although I'm a little behind since I have not made all the past blocks already I enjoy the journey and all it has been teaching me :)

Since we just surpassed the 50th block, during the week of turning over the half of this amazing project there was a celebration with a lot of giveaways.

Well I actually WON something! I cannot believe it!
I won the PERFECT BOX OF COLORS by Pat Sloan of AURIFIL THREAD! How sweet! Each spool contains 1300 mt and there are 12 spools inside!!! I'm so thrilled and grateful!

Meantime allow me to show some of my latest blocks of the Splendid Sampler! I'm doing mine Scrappy but I also making a Sewing themed version of some blocks for a wall hanging for my sewing corner and a Christmas version of some other blocks (so basically I should end with three quilts of different sizes :D )

Wish you a happy day of sewing!

Quilt for Pulse

Long time no see. I'm a terrible blogger who suffers the heat of summer so badly this is the second summer I lost track of my posts and become absent.

As you know in June there was a horrible act of violence and hate when a man went shooting in Pulse club in Orlando. Many lives were lost, many more were injured. 
The Orlando Modern Quilt Guild started the Quilt for Pulse initiative to make quilts for the families that lost their loved ones and for the injured and than, as quilts would be distribuited, to the people who helped  and to the LGBT community.
When there is so much hate and sorrow I would always want to do something. To give at least something to the people that were hurt. Finally I could. I made this quilt top (there was the choice to make blocks, quilt tops or complete quilts) using white on white fabric and the brightest colors of the rainbow I could find.
This is also my first try at doing something  "modern". I used polka dots, Cotton+Steel fabric, polka dots …

"Rainbow of Joy" Quilt for a Baby Boy

Hello! Summer is here, at least theoretically since today it was a delightful cold day with a lot of rain (can you guess I'm not that fond of heat and hot weather?) and I want to share this colorful baby quilt I made this spring.

This baby quilt has a long story behind. It's for the baby boy a couple of dear friends had in January. Initially I wanted to make a sea themed appliqué quilt but I ran out of time doing another baby quilt. Then I tried making a quilt with a panel. I wasn't satisfied. Then I discovered this lovely pattern!

The pattern belongs to Samelia's Mum blog:

Isn't it pretty? A lovely way to show off some colorful pretty fabrics!

I had so much fun sewing this baby quilt. I enjoyed every moment of it! I learned a lot and I had fun all the way. I enjoyed quilting on my Pfaff sewing machine, I enjoyed very much to sew the binding on it with a decorative stitch... and I dis…

I was in Iceland for two weeks!

I've been in Iceland for the past two weeks. Sorry for not writing as I should have done, I wanted to make a quick post thru my tablet but the trip was very demanding physically and I just couldn't focus on it :)

This was a dream trip for my husband and for me. We love adventures and we love to hike and to explore new places. Iceland was all of this and so much more!

We saw amazing things, we ate great food, we saw whales, puffins, thousands of birds... it was breathtaking!

This is just a quick back. In the next posts I'll tell you more about my trip and the quilting involved <3

Death Star EPP Pillow

Hello! This time I waited until today, Tuesday, to have these pictures to show because I couldn't have them before :)

Pattern is not mine. It's quirky granola girl and here is the link: Death Star

When I first saw this project I decided to give it a try. I was very excited! I love some handsewing!

It was a bit hard for me, a lot of small pieces and curves so I admit I put together a couple of pieces to be more comfortable. But I really enjoyed the process!

I had quite fun machine quilting the Death Star. I wanted some texture so I used a cotton batting I really love. I tried to give different texture to it.

The gift has been gifted and my friend loved it! Yay! Always happy to sew a gift to a friend who appreciates it!

The Splendid Sampler Sew Along

This week I want to talk about this wonderful project created by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson, two wonderful quilters!

I discovered this Sew Along following Pat Sloan's quilting classroom page on Facebook. I was immediately excited so I decided to give it a try. I'm doing my blocks SCRAPPY.
It's a free Sew Along with a total of 100 blocks. Each week two blocks are released, one on Thursday and one on Sunday. It started on 14th February 2016.

This is truly a marvellous learning experience. I get to try a lot of new techniques, I discover new quilters I didn't know about, I'm inspired by what other quilters create and post on the dedicated Facebook page... it's amazing!!

I love all the blocks. Right now the last released block is number 27, I've been running behind due to sewing quite a lot of gifts, but I don't mind. During summer I'll catch up! It's not a race, it's a wonderful journey!

I'm thrilled because we're basically building a hug…

Armchair Organizer with an Hexagons Pocket

Hi everyone! I've abandoned this lovely blog of mine for almost an year, but I've decided it's time to start writing on it again. Life has been difficult in the past months but now I'm going to turn things for the best!

What is funny is that my latest post was a gift for a friend (the blue bag with the blue zipper pouch) and now this new post is also a gift for that very same friend! :)

It's an armchair organizer with an hexagons pocket and a removable pincushion! I admit I was inspired by a lot of pictures of different organizers I saw online (especially on Pinterest) but I used my own inspiration to create this final piece.

What inspired me at first was that I really wanted to make her something with hexagons. We share a great love for hexies! See that cute little monster hexie? Next week you'll now why he's there! (Spoiler!)

What I love the most is this detail. I initally thought to cut the top of the hexagons, then I decided to use the blanket stitch to sea…