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My Spooky Spiderweb Wall Hanging Quilt

Hi! My name is Julia and this is my way too much neglected blog. I wonder, would this be the turning point? Maybe. Or maybe not. But I love to share my love for quilting and creating with the world, so here I am.

I love Halloween. Even though I live in Italy and this is not originally part of my tradition, it's still something I feel deeply connected to. I guess it has something to do with my year as an exchange student in Vermont: I lived Halloween for real, on my own skin, even partecipating to an Halloween musical in the woods at night with a path of carved and glowing pumpkins so something sticked with me.

I've seen quite a lot Hexagon Halloween quilts all over the web and I gave a look to some tutorials. It did seem like a pretty cool project but everything was way too colorful for me this time (THIS TIME: I love colors! The brightest the better) so I fixed my mind on a black and white spiderweb look.

I love this RileyBlake fabrics :) the spiders on white background have glo…