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Christmas LogCabin

I do know it's May and in my city is already summer because of the hot sunny weather (except tonight, thanks rain!) but I do love Christmas a lot and I like to prepare Christmas stuff the whole year around! Plus, I feel less the heat thinking ahead of winter! :)
Right now I'm working on something for me, a decoration for my house. It's going to be a wall hanging quilt, haven't decided the final measurements but I'll decide that while I'll choose the borders but I already know where I want to hang it. I just need DH to accept it because it will require the temporary movement of a frame! 
I found this pic on Pinterest months ago and kept thinking about it because when I started quilting I learnt with logcabin, which by the way is always a fun block to do. It has endless possibility! Only creativity is our limit with logcabin! (Or a bad iron LOL)  The only problem is that I have no clue where this pic comes from, I usually try to save every picture in a folder with th…

Let's start!

Will I be able to blog?  I'm Julia, I'm 29 yrs old, 
English is my second language 
and this is my first serious attempt  to blog about my passion!