Visualizzazione dei post da Giugno, 2015

Some Sewing for Me!

Good morning everybody!
Today is a sunny Sunday, exactly what I needed to sneak in my garden and take nice pictures about the last thing I sew. Finally something for me and something I very much needed!
The Weighted Pin Cushion with Scrap Bag by Rob Apparel!
It's a great tutorial! Go check it! :)

I'm very pleased I was finally able to use this fabrics I bought long time ago (so I don't even know anymore what collection is this, sorry!). I did not have enough for the inside of the bag so I used a solid. I'm also very happy I was able to use two squares of this panel I had. It's so pretty! Now I even have pins on the pincushion portion of the panel :) It fits!!

Mine is not weighted because I did not have what I needed, so I used scraps of polyester batting and used that. Then I sew some velcro and sticked the other half of it on my sewing table. For my use it's much better like this!

Here we have my latest mug rug, a g…

I'm Back and My Tiny Sewing Space

Hi and welcome back! I've been away a few days and then I had some personal issues and that's why I haven't been able to open my blog earlier.
I did find a lot of hours for my big hand quilting project though! No pics yet because it's a special gift.
Today I found some time to organize my little sewing corner.  I sew in the kitchen, I have 5 huge plastic transparent boxes where I keep my fabrics, my batting, some interface and some supplies and a box with UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and WIPs (Work In Progress). That is a very important box to keep everything organized!

Where I used to have olive oil, seasonings and vinegar now I've found a special place for the things I use most often while sewing and quilting. In this way I have more space on the table for my sewing machine. I'm very pleased! It's so tiny but I'm incredibly happy with it!
Have a nice day of Sewing :)