A Kindle Cover

My sister graduated from high school. Hubby and I decided to get her a Kindle, just like we do, since we all love books and reading. Of course nothing is like having a gorgeous paper book in your hands, but often, like when travelling, it's much easier to have one Kindle with tons of books inside.
Plus you can't ruin pages with a Kindle. It has no pages! LOL

Of course when we decided to buy it I said: "I'm gonna make a Kindle cover for her! You know... it's better to keep it safe!"
We are both a little clumsy. Just a tiny little bit! 

Since she loves science and physics I picked this lovely fabric months ago for her, along with the numbers fabric. They match so well together!! The science fabric is "It's Elementary" by wilmingtonprints.com and the another one... no idea sorry!

I went for a magnetic snap to close it covering the upper sewing with a nice star shaped button. Thanks goodness I love buttons and have always a bunch between my supplies!

The Kindle cover fits it perfectly, I made it JUST right, but at least it will not fall out easily. Plus I used a double layer of cotton batting to protect it better. Machine quilted as-I-go, for fun and experimenting. I like it. She loved it! 

She loved the gift and the cover. She also modeled for a pic, as you can see! At least a bit of her. She was also wearing a gorgeous dress which makes the photo even brighter! 

I'm very pleased because I designed this project on my own, I sketched it on my quiltnotebook (just started it!) and developed it, I made tons of mistakes but at the end... I DID IT!

Now I should make one for my Kindle... 


  1. It looks great! I, too, am a little clumsy,so I love the idea of a little extra protection. :) It is a really thoughtful addition to her gift. I am a teacher and book-lover, and I'm always glad to see books as a gift--regular or e-books--they are all good.

  2. Thanks :) I tried to study to become a teacher while working but then I realized it wasn't meant for me. But I'm still grateful to have tried because it taught me a lot (especially about me!).
    I'm a book-lover as well, we all are in my circle of family and friends and this is great because we can advice each other on what we read and discuss it! :)


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