Some Sewing for Me!

Good morning everybody!

Today is a sunny Sunday, exactly what I needed to sneak in my garden and take nice pictures about the last thing I sew. Finally something for me and something I very much needed!

The Weighted Pin Cushion with Scrap Bag by Rob Apparel!

It's a great tutorial! Go check it! :)

I'm very pleased I was finally able to use this fabrics I bought long time ago (so I don't even know anymore what collection is this, sorry!). I did not have enough for the inside of the bag so I used a solid. I'm also very happy I was able to use two squares of this panel I had. It's so pretty! Now I even have pins on the pincushion portion of the panel :) It fits!!

Mine is not weighted because I did not have what I needed, so I used scraps of polyester batting and used that. Then I sew some velcro and sticked the other half of it on my sewing table. For my use it's much better like this!

Here we have my latest mug rug, a gift for a friend who, likes me, adores board games where usually "meeples" are used to represent each player. Since he's a guy I decided to make it black and use a nice cream background. I find it basic and nice with a masculine touch!

And here you can see some meeples :)

Have a lovely day and keep a smile on your heart!


  1. Such beautiful bright colors--both in your fabrics and your flowers.

    1. Thanks! First for being the first person to comment on my newly made blog and second for your kind comment :)
      Although I have to admit the flowers are the neighbors' efforts, I have a black thumb when it comes to flowers and plants :( sigh!

  2. Hi. Such a beautiful pincushion and a beautiful place to work on your projects. I saw your link to your blog on the MSQC Forum. My grand parents and generations back are from Italy, but sadly, I've never had a chance to visit.

    1. Hi :) Thanks :) it's so useful that pincushion! Now I also use it to keep needles to have them right away under my hand :)
      So you're also on the MSQC forum? what's your username there? :)
      Italy is a nice place, never say never, maybe you'll have a chance to visit in the future :)


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