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"Rainbow of Joy" Quilt for a Baby Boy

Hello! Summer is here, at least theoretically since today it was a delightful cold day with a lot of rain (can you guess I'm not that fond of heat and hot weather?) and I want to share this colorful baby quilt I made this spring.

This baby quilt has a long story behind. It's for the baby boy a couple of dear friends had in January. Initially I wanted to make a sea themed appliqué quilt but I ran out of time doing another baby quilt. Then I tried making a quilt with a panel. I wasn't satisfied. Then I discovered this lovely pattern!

The pattern belongs to Samelia's Mum blog:

Isn't it pretty? A lovely way to show off some colorful pretty fabrics!

I had so much fun sewing this baby quilt. I enjoyed every moment of it! I learned a lot and I had fun all the way. I enjoyed quilting on my Pfaff sewing machine, I enjoyed very much to sew the binding on it with a decorative stitch... and I dis…

I was in Iceland for two weeks!

I've been in Iceland for the past two weeks. Sorry for not writing as I should have done, I wanted to make a quick post thru my tablet but the trip was very demanding physically and I just couldn't focus on it :)

This was a dream trip for my husband and for me. We love adventures and we love to hike and to explore new places. Iceland was all of this and so much more!

We saw amazing things, we ate great food, we saw whales, puffins, thousands of birds... it was breathtaking!

This is just a quick back. In the next posts I'll tell you more about my trip and the quilting involved <3