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Bag Making is So Much Fun

Happy Sunday to everybody!

This is my third bag of the year! Guess to prove it I should show the other two... I'll do it some other time. I made this for a friend's birthday, she's a quilter like me and she loves blue, so of course the color picking was so easy when I saw this fabric on the shelves of the shop where I work!

I love this bamboo handlers. It was so fun to hand sew the fabric part that holds them! For that I used transparent thread because I wanted it to be an invisible seam!
The outer fabric is a quilting cotton fabric "Essentials" by Wilmington Prints. The inside is a cotton fabric I bought in a fabric store which I immediately loved! It's so charming!

As you can see it's the perfect pattern to have 2 bags in one! Yay!

And here we have a matching boxie pouch to have a set. I think this fabric is gorgeous because it has a lot of lovely shades of light and dark blue. Truly gorgeous!

I'm having the best time ever making bags from the book …

A Kindle Cover

My sister graduated from high school. Hubby and I decided to get her a Kindle, just like we do, since we all love books and reading. Of course nothing is like having a gorgeous paper book in your hands, but often, like when travelling, it's much easier to have one Kindle with tons of books inside.
Plus you can't ruin pages with a Kindle. It has no pages! LOL

Of course when we decided to buy it I said: "I'm gonna make a Kindle cover for her! You know... it's better to keep it safe!" We are both a little clumsy. Just a tiny little bit! 

Since she loves science and physics I picked this lovely fabric months ago for her, along with the numbers fabric. They match so well together!! The science fabric is "It's Elementary" by and the another one... no idea sorry!

I went for a magnetic snap to close it covering the upper sewing with a nice star shaped button. Thanks goodness I love buttons and have always a bunch between my supplies!
The …

Some Sewing for Me!

Good morning everybody!
Today is a sunny Sunday, exactly what I needed to sneak in my garden and take nice pictures about the last thing I sew. Finally something for me and something I very much needed!
The Weighted Pin Cushion with Scrap Bag by Rob Apparel!
It's a great tutorial! Go check it! :)

I'm very pleased I was finally able to use this fabrics I bought long time ago (so I don't even know anymore what collection is this, sorry!). I did not have enough for the inside of the bag so I used a solid. I'm also very happy I was able to use two squares of this panel I had. It's so pretty! Now I even have pins on the pincushion portion of the panel :) It fits!!

Mine is not weighted because I did not have what I needed, so I used scraps of polyester batting and used that. Then I sew some velcro and sticked the other half of it on my sewing table. For my use it's much better like this!

Here we have my latest mug rug, a g…

I'm Back and My Tiny Sewing Space

Hi and welcome back! I've been away a few days and then I had some personal issues and that's why I haven't been able to open my blog earlier.
I did find a lot of hours for my big hand quilting project though! No pics yet because it's a special gift.
Today I found some time to organize my little sewing corner.  I sew in the kitchen, I have 5 huge plastic transparent boxes where I keep my fabrics, my batting, some interface and some supplies and a box with UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and WIPs (Work In Progress). That is a very important box to keep everything organized!

Where I used to have olive oil, seasonings and vinegar now I've found a special place for the things I use most often while sewing and quilting. In this way I have more space on the table for my sewing machine. I'm very pleased! It's so tiny but I'm incredibly happy with it!
Have a nice day of Sewing :)

Christmas LogCabin

I do know it's May and in my city is already summer because of the hot sunny weather (except tonight, thanks rain!) but I do love Christmas a lot and I like to prepare Christmas stuff the whole year around! Plus, I feel less the heat thinking ahead of winter! :)
Right now I'm working on something for me, a decoration for my house. It's going to be a wall hanging quilt, haven't decided the final measurements but I'll decide that while I'll choose the borders but I already know where I want to hang it. I just need DH to accept it because it will require the temporary movement of a frame! 
I found this pic on Pinterest months ago and kept thinking about it because when I started quilting I learnt with logcabin, which by the way is always a fun block to do. It has endless possibility! Only creativity is our limit with logcabin! (Or a bad iron LOL)  The only problem is that I have no clue where this pic comes from, I usually try to save every picture in a folder with th…

Let's start!

Will I be able to blog?  I'm Julia, I'm 29 yrs old, 
English is my second language 
and this is my first serious attempt  to blog about my passion!