"Rainbow of Joy" Quilt for a Baby Boy

Hello! Summer is here, at least theoretically since today it was a delightful cold day with a lot of rain (can you guess I'm not that fond of heat and hot weather?) and I want to share this colorful baby quilt I made this spring.

This baby quilt has a long story behind. It's for the baby boy a couple of dear friends had in January. Initially I wanted to make a sea themed appliqué quilt but I ran out of time doing another baby quilt. Then I tried making a quilt with a panel. I wasn't satisfied. Then I discovered this lovely pattern!

The pattern belongs to Samelia's Mum blog: http://www.sameliasmum.com/2014/09/bluebird-park-baby-quilt-pre-cut.html#.V2jLyvmLRD8

Isn't it pretty? A lovely way to show off some colorful pretty fabrics!

I had so much fun sewing this baby quilt. I enjoyed every moment of it! I learned a lot and I had fun all the way. I enjoyed quilting on my Pfaff sewing machine, I enjoyed very much to sew the binding on it with a decorative stitch... and I discovered how much I LOVE to sew the binding! Such an accomplishment!

The baby quilt has been gifted and everyone liked it. I'm happy. I better learn to avoid taking pics in direct sunlight, it doesn't help with the colors. But... every quilt I make I learn so much more and I already want to make the next one!

Have a lovely day!


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