Happy New Year! Let's hope 2018 is a good one

Solda, my second home, Christmas day. What a vacation!

Happy New Year! I'm very hopeful for this 2018, so many things that I want to accomplish. Also in my quilting journey! I already wrote down a list of goals, which include starting to design my own patterns. It's something I've been thinking for months, so I'm eager to
try it.

Sneak Peek! This was gifted for Christmas.

I am pretty sure about the first pattern I want to write. It's something simple but useful that I've already made twice as gifts. I don't even own one LOL! So next one is going to be mine. It's not something incredible or new, but I like it a lot and also I think it will help me learn to write tutorials and it will be an easy and friendly beginner pattern for everyone. No spoilers, just a sneak peek!

Yay for hexagons, Katja Marek and EPP!

I also really want to focus more on EPP (English Paper Piecing) because I love to sew by hand. It's also a nice way to sew everywhere: from the couch to a meadow. Since I'm outdoorsy, I definitely need to bring something with me wherever I go :)

I am so eager to challenge myself this year. In the last few months I challenged myself trying new patterns that so far I thought too difficult for me and found out it actually wasn't! Like the Infinity Scarf... such a popular pattern all over the internet. I saw so many tutorials... then I had a gift for a Secret Santa exchange to make and some beautiful soft minky to use and I did it! (Actually I made 3 scarves since I was enjoying it so much). I am happy to report that my target loved the gift and already put it into use since she lives in a cold town in Canada!

Another thing I want to try is Fabric Weaving. Have you ever checked Mister Domestic's Youtube Channel? If you haven't, you must! He's a fun, wonderful and creative person!

All for now :) I wish you all a wonderful and incredibly exciting 2018!



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