My Spooky Spiderweb Wall Hanging Quilt

Pic of the work in progress: my black nail polish was also very fitting the theme!

Hi! My name is Julia and this is my way too much neglected blog. I wonder, would this be the turning point? Maybe. Or maybe not. But I love to share my love for quilting and creating with the world, so here I am.

I love Halloween. Even though I live in Italy and this is not originally part of my tradition, it's still something I feel deeply connected to. I guess it has something to do with my year as an exchange student in Vermont: I lived Halloween for real, on my own skin, even partecipating to an Halloween musical in the woods at night with a path of carved and glowing pumpkins so something sticked with me.

I've seen quite a lot Hexagon Halloween quilts all over the web and I gave a look to some tutorials. It did seem like a pretty cool project but everything was way too colorful for me this time (THIS TIME: I love colors! The brightest the better) so I fixed my mind on a black and white spiderweb look.

I love this RileyBlake fabrics :) the spiders on white background have glow-in-the-dark eyes! It's pretty awesome. I decided against starch this time and simply took the time to carefully cut, sew and press and it was so smooth! I have to admit that having the whole day for me forgetting what rush was really worked like a charm for me.

Everything I used was already in my stash. Everything except the batting, because I had not enough! So I rushed down to the shop where I work (it was my day off) and bought enough batting for my project right ten minutes before closing time. That was close!

After making the quilt sandwich I started machine quilting with white cotton thread my quilt echoing the strips to reinforce the spiderweb effect. I was very satisfied! And I'm never satisfied with my quilting.

Once I was done and happy with the machine quilting, I could go to what I consider the best part in the whole quilting process: the BINDING!

I know a lot of quilters actually dread the binding but I love it. It's exciting! For me it's the best part because it's right before my quilt is ready. And ready means "ready-to-be-used"!

Usually I apply the label before the binding, but this time I've been "bad". No label was applied because I didn't want to cover the backing at all. Now that I will take this down the wall I will embroider my name and the date.

Here it's the back of the quilt. Isn't the backing fabric awesome? It's deep and rich in color with more spiders and spiderweb! This fabric was given to me by a fellow quilter who's a friend of mine. We exchanged it for something for suitable her taste. Lucky me! I have to admit I'm not overly fond of the zigzag in the back but I wanted to give more stifness to the border of the quilt.

And it's done! And hanged! It doesn't lay as flat as I hoped because it needs a better way to be hanged. I will think about it next year. I'm pleased to have had the occasion to admire it a couple of weeks before Halloween not rushing to the very last moment. I LOVE IT!!!

Maybe not the most flattering pic of all :D LOL

Anyway if you've read so far thanks for sticking! I hope you enjoyed my blog post. Now I better run to the couch to enjoy an episode of "The Librarians" because it's a show I love!


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